Cramadog Snowriders Corp

Cramadog AGM


March 12 2011

THE AGM was held with 12 in attendance. A number of issues were discussed including grooming. It was noted that it was extremely hard this year to get the grooming done on a regular basis due to the number of mild spells and the groomer itself. The groomer is really not suitable to the terrain due to weight and type. We are trying to get another groomer that is more suitable to teh terrain however this will take time and money.

An election was held and the following are the Directors for 2011-2012
President Geoff Scanlan
 Vice President Dave Matson
 Secretary Geoff Scanlan
 Treasurer Muriel Stiles
 Permit Contact Geoff Scanlan
 Volunteer Coordinator Brian Pollard
 Landowner Liaison Dave Hodgson
 Trail Patrol Mike Serre
 Inspection Coordinator Geoff Scanlan
 Response Coordinator Dave Matson
 Signage Coordinator Glen Dadswell
 ORS Data Entry Dave Matson
 Web Site Coordinator Dave Matson
 Trails Updater Geoff Scanlan

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