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Boasting over 120 kilometres of groomed trails Cramadog is often the envy of the area with its lake and land trail system. Our trails are groomed  at least once per week when weather permits and always for weekends! Our team of paid and volunteer groomers take great pride in preparing the trails for use. If you would like a suggestion for where to explore, or where the great “photo opportunities” are, simply e-mail us at

What’s with the name? Why Cramadog?

No one really knows, but the story goes that Cramadog is the name of a creek that drains from a bunch of swamps and tributaries up in the vicinity south of Island Lake.  It then drains into Farm Creek which drains into Wahwashkesh Lake near the exit point for the Magnetawan River on its way to Deep Bay. It is one of the most remote areas of the Cramadog 600 series trails system.  Cramadog creek in the summer is only accessible by canoe and portage and in the winter by snowmobile.

Where did the trails come from?

Many years ago, There was many trails cut into the bush for various reasons.  These included access routes for:

Hunters to get to their favorite hunting spots

Trappers gaining access to their trap lines

MNR cutting (F.A.R.) Fire Access Routes in the event of a brush fire

Logging companies and Loggers creating access for their equipment

For years Snowmobilers have been using these for quick access to and from towns.  For years these were considered sled highways which were free of any permit fees or rules and regulations. The extensive trails system in Ontario of almost 40,000 km of trail have been developed from these early trails to ensure you have a great ride!

What it takes……….

Our 7 Directors, 2 employees, dozens of volunteers, landowners and other contributors work tirelessly to develop and maintain Cramadog trails year round but more intensely from December through March.

Cramadog is a not-for-profit corporation and a proud member-in-good-standing with the OFSC, Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs.

We begin in the Spring with our AGM, Annual General Meeting, at which new Directors are elected by our membership for a term of one year. During the off-season, we meet to assign duties and responsibilities, plan operations, develop a budget and review our Health and Safety Policy and Procedures Program.

Cramadog operates with one large industrial-size groomer that is used on our main land trails, c104d, d102c as well as sections of 600, 603 and 604. We also have four large utility snowmobiles. These are used to pack and drag trails as well as transport work crews to work sites. Over the years, we have switched from 2-stroke to 4-stroke utility snowmobiles to improve fuel efficiency and reduce air and noise pollution. We use a number of chain saws, brush cutters and augers in our operation to clear brush and install signage and lake markers.

Cramadog’s budget begins with the sale of OFSC sanctioned trail permits. Money received from the sale of trail permits provides about 95% of our total funding. Trail permits and their pricing are set by the MTO, Ministry of Transportation of Ontario. Some funding comes from fund raising efforts and from OFSC grants. Cramadog’s portion of the permit money is spent on equipment, fuel, payroll and administrative expenses.

Cramadog maintains a Health and Safety Policy and Procedures Program designed to protect employees, volunteers, landowners and riders. We will not open our trails until they are safe for snowmobile traffic.

While most of or trails are on Crown land, some of them cross private property. These landowners generously allow us to cross their land. Please stay on the trail and respect their private property.

It is important that you buy your permit from Cramadog. We support the “Buy Where You Ride” program, so buy from Cramadog and ride our trails.

Our permits and trail information can be obtained at the Duck Rock Resort in Dunchurch , Whitestone Lake Resort at the north end of Whitestone Lake , Loggers Restaurant in Ardbeg or any of the directors in the Club