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December 2016

At the 2016 OFSC AGM over 70% of clubs voted to continue with the More On the Snow initiative started about a year ago and as a result the 8 clubs comprising District clubs have agreed to merge as noted in the Parry Sound Northstar below.  The end result will improve grooming across the district and the potential to update the District grooming fleet.

The next step in the process will be to merge with District 7 to create 1 of twelve new districts. This new district will be of approximate same size as other districts in the OFSC. The expectation is that this consolidation of  districts will generate economies of scale and improve grooming and rider experience.

Congratulations on the big step forward!

Parry Sound Snowmobile District merges with OFSC District 10

Parry Sound North Star

PARRY SOUND — At a special meeting held on Wednesday, Nov. 2, the Parry Sound Snowmobile District (PSSD), comprised of six local snowmobile clubs, and the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs District 10, comprised of the six association clubs and two independent OFSC member clubs, agreed to work as a single grooming and operational district for the upcoming season.

Elections were held at the meeting and according to a release, “a great resource of professional individuals have stepped up to the challenge of leading the new organization into ground-breaking territory.” The volunteer executive committee is comprised of David Matson, president, James Bingham, past-president, Nick Eveleigh, vice-president, Jeff Fivey, second vice-president, Scott Gibson, treasurer and Bill Park, secretary. The board directors include two volunteers from each member club: Carling Trail Blazers SC, Cramadog Snowmobile Corp., DunAhmic Snow Riders, Magnetawan Ridge Runners SC, North East Georgian Bay Snowmobile Club, Six Star Snow Riders, South Seguin Snowmobile Club and West Muskoka Trail Riders.

“This is a major step that the clubs in the District of Parry Sound have taken: to work together to share funding and resources and to break down traditional club grooming boundaries, although clubs will continue to maintain their identities and will operate much the same,” stated David Matson, newly elected president of the amalgamated corporation and chair of the More On The Snow (MOTs) committee, struck in the fall of 2015.

This merging of the corporations is in line with the OFSC More on the Snow initiative to enhance rider experience on Ontario snowmobile trails. A future part of this initiative will also see Parry Sound District 10 merge with Muskoka District 7 to create one of 12 districts in Ontario. The goal is to create economies of scale while improving grooming and rider experience.

Matson added “Although, the decision is part of the larger OFSC More on The Snow initiative, this has been a long time coming and has encouraged the clubs of District 10 to work towards specific goals and deadlines with mutual understanding and respect, all the while keeping the larger picture in mind – providing the best snowmobile trails in the province to both local and visiting snowmobilers.”

The success of the organization and the ability to provide world-class trails relies on the support of the permit purchasers and the tireless commitment and dedication of our volunteers, said the release. If you would like to learn more or find out how you can help email

November 20 2012

Here is an editorial by Mark Lester on why there cannot be any permit refunds. Kinda hits the nail on the head!


October 12 2012

Here is a link to the OFSC Main Trail. An interesting read on snowmobiling in Ontario